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iPhone Screen Repairs

iPhone screen repairs start as low as $109 for iPhone 11's and can be completed in just 40 minutes. Book your appointment now and get yours fixed today.

iPhone Batteries Plus

We offer iPhone batteries that contain up to 50% more battery life then your standard iPhone OEM Battery and at a fraction of the cost that Apple charges. Click bellow for a quote.

iPhone Backglass Repairs

iPhone backglass repairs starting at just $99. With Apple charging $599 for the iPhone 13 Pro Max backglass repair, you save HUNDREDS with Evo Repairs.


Great service! Very fast with repairs and my iPhone 11 looks brand new! Very fair price for a new screen and screen protector! Evan even stayed 50 minutes after he was supposed to get off and finished my phone for me so I could have it back the same day! I would highly recommend Evan to anyone and everyone! Job was great!


Prices were affordable and they fixed my phone in the exact time frame they said it would be done. 10/10!


...He had my iPhone working again in a couple hours. Upfront on pricing and very clear on what he is going to do. Highly recommend this young man!


He fixed my screen for me on my iPhone 11. Very friendly and helpful. Great prices and great service.

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iPhone Screen Repair Cost

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iPhone Battery Plus

Evo's Stronger Battery

iPhone Batteries+ are special batteries that contains increased capacity so that you can stay charge longer. The best part is that it cost less than Apple's OEM battery replacement. Click below to book an appointment.