How Long Your Phone’s Battery Should Last

Benjamin Wall, Evan McClung - 5.18.2022

Does your phone lose power faster than when you got it? When a new battery is manufactured, its maximum capacity is 100%. Over time, the maximum capacity of the battery goes down. 

Even if your phone says it’s charged to 100%, it’s probably not at its fullest capacity. While the phone’s usage will determine how long the battery lasts, you can check your phone battery’s health in the settings of most iPhone's.


Typically once the battery’s health reaches under 80%, replacing it would have noticeable impacts on performance. Once it gets below 75%, it’s probably time to get it replaced.


A new phone battery is much cheaper than purchasing a new phone, and with Evo Repairs, we offer premium batteries that can hold up to 50% more than Apple's Original Battery and at less than half of the cost that Apple charges. 


There's also huge Environmental reasons to repair your phone rather than simply upgrading. Read more about that here.

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